So tomorrow is the first day of what is possibly my last JanPlan – ever. I’ll probably be doing one senior year to hang out with my friends anyways, but technically I’ve fulfilled the graduation requirement which means I could do something else senior year! Since I’ll be in New Zealand for most of the summer, I most likely won’t get a chance to get a real internship. (although, I’m trying! Figuring out my – short – summer plans is my biggest goal of JanPlan, besides getting ready to fly out) That means I could totally do a JanPlan internship to make up for it. I could also just take JanPlan off and travel or ski or something awesome – except those all cost money. So not. But theoretically, it could be my last JanPlan, which scares me a lot. More and more hints keep coming up that I’m closer to being thrown out into the real world.

Anyways, my JanPlan class is video game design, which is pretty sick. I know game design was offered two JanPlans ago, and from what I’ve heard, it was awesome. It’s a lot like the course I took last year, interactive digital media – we work in groups and spend a month putting together our finished project. I’m guessing it’s pretty independent and we only really have class the first week, and then just get the project together after that. I think we write in Python which’ll be cool, going back to the language I learned a year and a half ago. I’m really pysched for it and I hope to meet new people! The people in my CS classes are always cool, but those classes are also usually first thing in the morning. I’m a bit of a zombie then.

Some other things I plan on doing in my spare time:

1. Internship stuff

2. Watching a ton of movies

3. Going out to the movies!

4. Order pad thai and pizza, a lot (this might not actually happen as much, since I need money for my New Zealand adventures. The money for pizza I order could be two frothing glasses of some kiwi ale)

5. Walking in the snow and checking out the arboretum! There’s nothing better than brooks and streams in the snow

6. Ski. A lot. I already made up the value (5 days) of my sweet college pass, like right after xmas.

7. Visit Colby friends who are doing the engineering program down at Dartmouth! Get a sense of what another school is like. I’ll have Colby, Tufts, UMO, and Darmouth on that list

8. Gov honors thesis?

9. I’ll have my truck! For most of JanPlan anyways.. my brother gets it until he goes back to school the the 15th.

10. I usually don’t do the new year’s resolution stuff, but I think I want to go for a run every single day of JanPlan, no matter the weather. It’s a lofty goal, but I think I can pull it off!

11. The biggest thing.. looking at thousands of NZ pics and getting ready to fly. I know most Colby kids are pretty travel experienced and cultured, but I’ve never been outside my timezone or really left the country! (I went to Quebec, five hours from my house, with my high school class haha) I also don’t think I’ve traveled more than two hours away from my house by myself, ever. (I’ve gone up to Bangor a bunch, but besides that Colby is the furthest I’ve been! Which is pretty sad) And, never out of state. So, doing this sort of thing is just completely out of this world for me. No matter what happens, it’ll be sweet!


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