Little Coffee Shops

I distinctly remember having a number of conversations with my friend from Connecticut over winter break this year about little coffee shops. I love coffee, and so naturally I am always in heaven when I find local coffee shops with wifi, comfy chairs, and unique blends. It has always been a dream of mine to be able to walk out of my home, down the street, and into a nice coffee shop, where I can happily read and drink my favorite beverage. I do this sometimes at Selah Tea and at the Starbucks in Waterville, but in Connecticut, where I grew up, most of the little coffee shops are at least a half hour away from my house. I’m sure you can imagine, then, my happiness when I walked around Oxford for the first time last week. Although England is arguably a tea place, coffee is becoming more and more popular here. Worcester College, where I am studying English, is located very close to 3 local coffee shops and a Starbucks.

First, there is Combibos, which I think is the coffee shop that most people on campus visit. It is right around the corner from Worcester, and offers full English breakfasts and a number of other meal options. Combibos also gives student discounts to those with IDs, which is why it is a student favorite. I had their French toast during one of our orientation breakfasts and it was great.

I have to say, though, that I am a huge fan of Costa coffee; it is a little further away from my campus than Combibos, but that is not saying much because it is still very close. I feel like a poor traveller saying this, but I love Costa’s “Americano” coffees. They also have one of the best wifi feeds around Oxford (which is important, I’ve noticed, because the university does not have wifi everywhere on campus like Colby does. It is actually rather important that students walk around carrying Ethernet cords).

Caffé Nero is the third coffee shop near Worcester. It is literally located next door to Combibos. I have yet to try Caffé Nero, but I am eager to do so. Starbucks is also nearby, but I’m more into trying the local places than getting coffee from Starbucks.

Here are some pictures I took while enjoying my time in Costa:


Coffee Art Work:

Happy Jan Plan to all those on The Hill!

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