London: Week 1

Cheers from London!

I’m finally here, settled in to my little apartment in London, England. This week has been crazy, with IFSA Butler orientation and moving in to my apartment, but it feels lovely to have everything unpacked. Living out of a suitcase gets old!

Anyways, for all of those who are thinking about studying abroad, I highly recommend going through IFSA Butler if you have the chance. They ran a 2-day orientation for us in London.  Around 200 abroad students stayed at a hotel in Central London where we were fed, attended orientation lectures about safety and living in London, and were taken to a show (all of this paid for by Butler). Everyone who works for Butler was incredibly nice and helpful. I am looking forward to the day-trips and weekend getaway they have planned for us later in the semester!

Anyways, things have been pretty much nonstop since I’ve arrived, but I’ve had a minute to snap a few shots of the city.  Here are a couple:

My boarding passes! This was my first time flying alone, so it was an adventure. Everything went smoothly though, besides the turbulence that woke me up on my night flight!

The sun actually greeted us on our first day in London! Definitely won’t get used to that. However, it seemed incredibly warm here (it’s been in the low 50s). Everyone back in Maine is freezing with lots of snow and a strong wind-chill!

This is my mantra for all the times I’m going to get lost this semester.

I felt like such a tourist, but I had to take a picture of this! These telephone booths are literally everywhere. I actually came across a black telephone booth, which was very strange.

I’ll be crossing over this river every day when I walk to class! That is, except for the days I feel lazy and take the tube. See Big Ben in the background? It’s surprisingly small in person! The London Eye (on the right), is incredibly large on the other hand.

Anyways, that’s all I have time for this week. I’ll make sure to keep the Colby community up on my adventures… after all, studying abroad is, for many people, a highlight of their time at Colby.

Until next time,


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