Looking back at the semester

Hey guys

So this week, the week after finals, has consisted of me getting everything organized and back together after having been the antithesis of that during finals week. This consisted of finishing up a bunch of small things at Colby on Monday, cleaning my room, getting a lot of emails sent and squared away, and doing abroad stuff as usual. It also consisted of cleaning up the 10k+ files on my desktop (but actually, there were more than 10,000), nursing my computer back to health, and more generally doing just a lot of small things that I’ve needed to do for a while. It felt good. One of those things I’ve been meaning to do is to post some pictures I’ve had on my phone that I took for the exclusive purpose of putting them in a blog, but never got around to doing so! Some of them I may have tweeted before, but there should be a good crop of pictures below that you haven’t seen before.

I’m already hardcore missing Colby and all my friends there, and I even miss one or two of my professors once in a while. Well. Maybe. I think if I was back in finals week I would be having very different sentiments. But still, I actually am pretty friendly with a bunch of them and miss some of our academic and many times non-academic chats. On the other hand, I’m guessing most of my professors aren’t missing my daily office visits too much. During JanPlan, I think, I’ll stop by their offices and just say hi to see what’s going on. Bug them a bit you know

Anyways, without further ado.. sum pix

Wayy back


Pulver, election night. Tweeted this. Nostalgic #obamawin


This is why I go for runs

Nature is awesome. Very few schools where you have this right outside your campus!


Symmetry and stuff


This is all near the river that runs near the athletic center, by the way


Bit OCD with taking pictures


My usual bench along the river


Sunday River! Me and Maggie




The sun thing is pretty sick


Yeah.. we go to school here.

^Johnson Pond by the way!

Preezy of the United Steezy










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