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Fall is a romantic season in Maine. The sceneries come straight out from a storybook.  One of my favorite pastimes in Colby is just walking to places. I am that strange person who will grab my trench coat and walk to Railroad Square Cinema for a movie, or walk to downtown for a relaxing afternoon of bubble tea and cookies in Selah Tea. I walk, often aimlessly, in everyplace I travelled. It is one of the best ways to know great people and have the scoop on the latest events.

Walking is also kind of the only exercise that I do. My infamous lack of coordination kind of cause troubles to not only myself but also everyone else around me. The least I can tell you is that don’t play basketball with me; I will hurt you, and then hurt myself. It is written in the stars.

I am still that person in Boothbay. You will spot me just walking leisurely down Ocean Point Road and stroll to Boothbay Harbor. Sometimes I would stop in front of the lakes and rivers and take a fresh breath. The light drizzle makes me feel like tap dancing in the middle of the road, just like in Singing in the Rain.

Last, last weekend, I walked to downtown. A light veil of fog covered the town, and I felt like I was walking in a dream. The reds and oranges were misted with a coat of sugar powder. It was really fun just saying hello to random people. There was this nice lady who told me that my glasses are really beautiful, and I complimented her red dress. It is simple things like this that warms up a chilly autumn like a hot cup of apple cider.

Seriously how cool is this car!

Golden leaves

Crunching on fallen leaves! The crisp sounds makes me sooo happy!

Apples! Apple picking is as necessary a autumn experience as watching a pumpkin boat race. Kim, who works at Bigelow, has such great stories to tell; she has been working in Bigelow ever since she was a young girl. Kim is a jack-of-all-trades, someone who live life to the fullest; she will tell me about her adventures collecting clams and mussels for researches, her passion for cooking and working as a cook on cruises, and her love for gardening. When she is arranging beautiful flowers, I can always see the spark in her eyes.

I feel so lucky that I get to mingle with the Southport locals and get to see different parts of Maine. Last weekend, Kim and her daughter, Jasmine, brought me along to pick apples.

Jasmine and I all geared up!

Kim and Jasmine :)

We are picky gourmets; not just any random apple can please our selective eyes. We picked only the reddest, juiciest and most perfect of them all. No, no, no, sir, no, it is absolutely quality over quantity for us. We then drove around Maine, looking at shimmery oceans, lighthouses and the serenity that is Maine.


Finding the perfect apple.

because the gods spilled diamonds into the ocean.

Serenity in the face of chaos.


My lobster friend and I.

Nathan works as an IT officer in Bigelow by day, a cook of fine French cuisine and bomb squad member by night (literally, I am not joking. He is badass). He is also one of the funniest people around.  We share a passion for food, and I secretly suspect that we share the same worldview as Liz Lemon, “I believe that all anyone really wants in this life is to sit in peace and eat a sandwich.”  The other day we talked about our craving for a hot bowl of noodles, and so we drove off in the night to Damariscotta for awesome Thai food. Yummy food with a side of amazing conversation makes an amazing evening.

Kim, Jasmine and I went this weekend to the Boothbay Harbor House of Pizza for dinner. It is a cozy get together place for locals, and hey, who doesn’t love a good slice? Everything in the restaurant is made 100% from scratch with love, and they are working on a gluten-free pizza crust! First of all, we saw this awesome little girl and boy, dressed up as a zombie bride with a knife sticking out and a noble swordsman. I want a costume!

We talked with the family that owns the restaurant, and they are the most passionate and sweetest people. “Call me Mama,” said the sweet lady, “everyone calls me Mama.” It is not always easy to be abroad, and she understands the feeling of helplessness that stirs up sometimes; she offers me her cell phone number for “anything at all,” and gave a long hug that I have been missing for quite a while. Mama is a person with a huge heart; she told me her story of helping people in Uganda, first by building one home for the one family, then more houses, a clinic, a school and slowly a village. She and her daughter have gone to visit multiple times for the past years. She is a ray of sunshine, a humble hero, a superwoman in disguise; she talked about her good deeds like they are just part of her life, a simple fact of life.

quote by Rabindranath Tagore.

It is so easy to lose yourself in work, especially in Bigelow. There are so many things happening, and it is so easy to get caught up in your fabulous projects and busy lab work. Times get busy, but I like to remind myself how much I would regret not knowing these great people and places. I make it my goal to get to know all these positive energy around me, and when you want to achieve something, you just have to take the first step. Smile at someone, and fireworks may spark; if there are no fireworks, aim your smiles at someone else.


Get out of the bubble, and life will greet you with a smile.


Or a hurricane named Sandy, either way, adventures await, sailor.

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