Making the Minutes Matter

Today is the last day of classes, and although it will be nice to have time to study for exams without worrying about homework on top of it all, I am truly not looking forward to ending the majority of my courses! I have had some of the most thought provoking and interesting conversations and readings this semester, and have left many classes with my head spinning with new ideas. I legitimately did not want my anthropology class to end on Wednesday, and threw all of my effort, time, and energy into our group final presentation, which was that much rewarding because walked out happy and satisfied afterwards. So now that classes are over, would you be shocked to hear that while I have one test, three papers, and two exams waiting for me, I am not dreading this next finals week of school before break? I realized yesterday that I will be home in a week and am SO looking forward to Christmas celebrations with my friends and family; I also realized, however, that when I leave the campus on December 15th, I won’t be back on the Hill until February 1st…crazy! So, despite the work I am facing this week, I am also determined to savor my time with friends and enjoy every activity planned!

I will be spending my JanPlan in Uganda, working at a Malnutrition Clinic at the Nyakibale Hospital in the Rukungiri region, where I spent a month of my past summer. While the majority of freshman stay on campus to fulfill both distribution requirements as well as the one required JanPlan on campus, many of my sophomore friends are traveling abroad this JanPlan, either through one of the many opportunities that Colby offers, or on their own. However, as we sat at dinner a few nights ago, we all admitted that while we knew we would have amazing experiences, we were torn about missing out on JanPlan activities and fun with friends on campus. I am planning on studying abroad in the spring of next year, which only leaves me one semester on campus with my friends who are graduating in the spring. Since several of my good friends are also planning to study abroad, but in the fall, it also means that we only have one semester together before our senior year. With all that in mind, I have found myself trying to achieve the perfect mindset going into finals: powering through the work, but enjoying every moment on campus and with my friends as I go!

It is definitely not my usual approach to finals week to be scheduling in “fun” breaks as I go, but that’s what I’m doing. I have been taking “Broomball breaks” during playoffs this week, and the opportunity to blow off steam and have fun with friends on the ice has been well worth the extra late-hour or two I have to put in to finish up work. Over the next week I am looking forward to LOUDNESS this weekend (James Bond theme), seeing my COOTers for the annual “COOT Slideshow” on Sunday, a COOT Committee informal lunch, watching the Grinch with friends (the perfect 30 minute study break), and a pizza dinner with the crew team, courtesy of our coaches, as a fun dinner break on Tuesday before exams start Wednesday. I am not ready to leave Colby yet until February, but am going to take advantage of every, single minute here, whether it’s working hard towards finals or on the ice in a broomball game!

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