Meals at Colby – An Inside Look

I can’t believe I haven’t had a blog about this yet, but I thought I’d let you guys in on a student’s view of the dining halls at Colby! It’s a bit biased, and my food tastes are a little unusual, but here it is:


The Spa

Technically the Spa isn’t a dining hall, it’s a seperate business on the Colby campus that is given a block amount of money by the school in order to have prices that are decent for a college students budget. The Spa is located in the middle of Pulver (our student center) and I really think it’s the social center of campus – although most of the time it is pretty quiet and not that busy. (it has a very cafe type feel – students writing essays on their computers and eating, studying, drinking coffee) However, sometimes it can get quite rowdy, like on a Friday or Saturday night at like 1 AM. Although I wish it was open a little later than 1, going to the spa on a weeknight and getting a late night quesadilla is probably one of my favorite things about Colby. While the rest of our dinings halls have great food, the quality of food at the Spa is even better, as it is a real company (I think?) and you have to pay to get stuff there. Quesadillas (cheese, buffalo chicken, bbq, veggie) are one of the more popular things to get, but they have tons of subs, sandwhiches, burgers, fries, and more that are restaurant quality and are pretty cheap because of Colby’s subsidy. Although it does end up being five or so bucks for a meal at the Spa (which is pretty good, considering what you’d have to pay at a normal restaurant or cafe) you can actually go there once a week for free. You’re limited to what is called the “meal plan” of the day – which means there is a specific order that the Spa will give to you (well, two, since they have a vegetarian option) but usually it is a great break from the busy dining hall, and I actively use it each week.



Everyone but me loves Bobs, it seems. While I love the food at Colby and feel like a you know, middle school kid, complaining about the lunch food, I can’t say I have a huge passion for Bobs food. Then again, I have a ridiculously simple pallet and am way more happy eating say, chicken fingers, at a high quality restaurant than some fancy dish. Probably the reason I don’t like Bobs is because Bobs has “good” food – which I’m not a fan of. That being said, it is nice to mix it up sometimes, and for me last year when I lived right next to it, it was very nice to just hop over for a quick lunch or dinner. The atmosphere is very different than Dana – no music playing, no booths, there’s a fireplace and couches, and the whole left wall is made up of windows overlooking the soccer fields. For the most part, I am the huge exception for a Colby student in not liking Bobs – pretty much everyone loves the food there.



For me, Foss is pretty similar to Bobs – good, healthy food, which means that I’m not the world’s biggest fan. Foss is different from Bobs in the respect that it is supposed to be the “vegetarian” dining hall at Colby- and while an initiative to make it completely meatless never went into effect (thank god), it is still pretty meatless for the most part. They do still have their famous buff chix wraps and pulled pork and mac n’ cheese, (best dish at Colby, hands down) but generally this is where vegetarians and the like go. Not to worry, if you don’t eat meat and you live on the other side of campus, every dining hall has a vegetarian option at all times.



Ahh Dana. My second home. For me, it’s the Dana atmosphere rather than the food that just makes it awesome – it’s big, and split up into a bunch of different sections, which makes meals sort of private and enjoyable but the same time you’re with pretty much everyone. There’s booths, private dining rooms, and then a bunch of differently set up tables. The service area itself is huge, with tons and tons of different options – if you can’t find anything, Dana will always have quesadillas and Dana-burgers – not hamburgers (they’re really the same but everyone calls them Dana burgers) that you can pick up. Besides that, the food is awesome. Can’t really say much more than that. Last of all, probably the best part of Dana is the music. Bobs doesn’t have music, Foss usually has classic rock and light music (which is nice from time to time) and Dana has.. well, I don’t really know how to put it. Colby students refer to Dana music almost as it’s own genre. I guess you could say it’s a mix of pop, and then a lot of random stuff.


Anyways, that’s all I have for this week.



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