Merry (belated) Christmas and (early) Happy New Year!

So, the semester was over.


Yes, I know I am a little late, but I was a little drunk in the holiday atmosphere. It is bizarre that this year is only my third white Christmas, yet I felt like I have been showered in lights and snowflakes for my whole life.

Just like every other end of semester, the holidays were marked by a lot of exciting things, like parties and dancing and feasts. I also slept a lot and had crazy Doctor Who marathons.

Bigelow officially celebrated the grand opening of the East Boothbay campus, and it was great fun to be part of the grand opening. To me, the old campus is cozy, with a sort of unique charm; walking around the buildings gives me the thrill of exploring a mad scientist’s lab or adventuring in an old museum. The new building is dashing; the beautiful wooden panels, the polished metal and the gleaming glass just gives the impression of an advanced and modern laboratory.


I tried my hands as an assistant to the caterer and it had to be one of my favorite experiences. As a girl one of my secret wishes was to become a wedding planner. It was interesting to understand the workings of a party instead of just being in the party. The creativity that goes behind every fountain of cheese and golden apples is simply amazing. I love the rush of dancing among the crowds with drinks in hand, and I got to sample all the delicious food before everyone else.


Also, there was fireworks!

photo@ Kimberly Reed 2012

For me, the cheery holiday atmosphere is always sprinkled with a fine dust of panic. Being an international student means that you have to find a place to spend your holidays. I have always been very, very blessed. A lot of people always offered help and this year I am cat sitting for Nicole, a scientist from Bigelow. I guess if you asked me what I loved most about Bigelow, it is the people. Friendly people whom are always a delight, to chat with in the corridors, to have a cup of tea.


Anyways, Happy New Year! I will post very, very soon. Consider this the appetizer to my 3-course meal of Bigelow musings and reviews.

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