Mom, Don’t Panic!

Mom, don’t panic…

Let me do that because, goodness knows, I was in full panic mode last Wednesday night! It had been a long and busy day–Social Psychology lecture and my Weather, Climate, and Society class, followed by the official first day of the Spring Crew practice, and ending with a broomball game–before I returned, exhausted, to my room after 9 pm. I was ready to flop on my bed and open my computer, check my e-mail and Facebook before hitting the books when my heart dropped: I opened my backpack and realized that my computer wasn’t there. My initial panicked barrage of questions were fired off at my roommate, Olivia (roommates become the second best option to parents for thoughts and questions only you can answer but that still need to be processed out loud…!) and after mentally retracing the many steps of my day, I realized that I had left my laptop charging in the lobby of Diamond before my 11am class that morning. To say that I was worried, disappointed in myself, and downright distraught at the thought that I might have to replace the computer and everything on it (after, ahem, having just had to replace it last summer) is almost an understatement. I raced to Diamond, slipping and sliding on the ice, flew around the entrance and saw it: my beautiful little laptop, sitting exactly where I had left it, fully charged, and waiting for me! Walking back to my room, I reflected on two things– that I had to be more careful and responsible with this precious little piece of machinery, but also how amazing it is that no one had moved it, much less taken it, in the over 9 hours it was sitting there.

We frequently leave our books and computers occupying tables in Miller or drop full backpacks as we go into the dining halls, and I have left my dorm room unlocked many times. I am fully aware, though, that even on an isolated, close-knit campus things can go missing, and definitely am still careful about what I leave where. But my experience on Wednesday reaffirmed my sense of community and security on this campus. Thank you to all of you who walked by the deserted laptop in Diamond last Wednesday and thought only “someone’s probably panicking right now!” Will I be leaving my computer out in Diamond again? Nope, learned my lesson last week! But I have a strong faith in the integrity of the Colby students and staff that got even stronger last week. I trust my peers here, and believe that everyone has a good balance of staying safe and keeping track of their personal belongings, and a confidence that they belong to a community that will support them, not steal from them. So mom, while I seriously debated telling you about this slip up, I hope it reaffirms your faith, and the faith of all the readers out there, in what a great community we have going on the Hill!

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One Response to Mom, Don’t Panic!

  1. Maya Tester says:

    Health issues, I panic about. Computers, not so much! :)
    Glad you found it and very glad that you can have such confidence in your Colby community!

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