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Tonight, a chilly Sunday night, was my last final. It was Computer Science, and while generally I’m glad to be done with a class, I have to say I ‘m a little bummed that it’s over. Sometimes it’s like any other class, and work sucks, but sometimes it’s awesome and a lot of fun – I can’t believe I’m not going to be taking an intensive class like that until senior year! I’ll be doing video game design over JanPlan, which makes up for it, but it still isn’t the same.

On Monday, my last CS project was due – the task was to create a Wumpus hunt – basically, each time you played the game, a scenario was randomly generated. This scenario consisted of a bunch of caves in a random layout, and you, the hunter, started in one cave. You couldn’t see the other caves until you entered them, and once you did, you could see where the next caves might be but you had no idea of what the rest of the map would look like. The hunter was equipped with an arrow that the user is able to fire using the keyboard at the Wumpus – the thing we were hunting – and if you shot correctly you won. Like the last CS project I had, it doesn’t sound like much, but I definitely put way more time into this project than any other, which is saying a lot. I had a bunch of different files and with each one being pretty lengthy.






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