My Colby Bucket List

So right now, the end of Colby is unfortunately creeping up very fast. I have about two more weeks on campus, and then the next time I’ll be back I will be a senior and I’ll only have a year left of college life. I’m extremely excited but at the same time totally bummed that my Colby career is coming to an end. It’s been a great three years so far and I would be more than happy to have another three. More than anything, I just don’t feel old enough to graduate and go out into the real world – I definitely consider myself still a kid and not even close to being an adult. Anyways, I’ve vowed to make my last year on campus epic and to do some crazy crazy stuff. I’ll be trying to cram in both of my majors so unfortunately I’ll have a ton of academic stuff to do, but at the same time there are so many awesome events on campus for seniors that we can engage in – it will be especially nice because everyone is almost over 21! I’m definitely looking forward to it. So, without further ado, here is my Colby bucket list:

1.) Go to Montreal for a weekend

This would be so much fun! It would be a sick wintery adventure and a great bonding road trip past the border and into Canada. A ton of Colby kids do this, and we actually tried to go last year but we got mauled by a blizzard and had to turn back. There are so many awesome things to do here – Winter Carnival, skiing, tons of cool cultural things, and a great night life

2.) Spend Spring Break down south with some friends

Already made plans and started to save up for this senior year. We’re either going on a cruise or just spending some time down in the sunny Florida area

3.) Actually experience Doghead

Somehow, I have never actually made this Colby tradition. Freshman year I had mono, last year I was spending the weekend at Sunday River, and this year I’ll be abroad. It’s a little ridiculous, I know, so my first and last Doghead senior year is sure to be awesome. (For those of you who don’t know, Doghead is Colby’s St. Patricks day celebration – we stay up all night and then watch the sunrise)

4.) Spend a bunch of weekends renting out a Sunday River condo

Technically, already done – a bunch. But it will have to happen more.

5.) Win a broomball season

We’ve came close, but as of now no cigar. This season we probably won’t make it, but senior year – it’s happening.

6.) Share a drink with a professor

For some reason I think this would be really, really cool. It’s not that rare so I’m not too worried about crossing this one off.

7.) Swim in Johnson Pond

Okay, security better not read this. There is a massive fine for doing this, and it is highly against Colby rules, but you know, it’s college. It’s the perfect time for doing stupid stuff. (Not really, we’re pretty responsible! Sometimes.)

8.) Get a legit internship before I graduate

This may or may not happen. Definitely will be the hardest thing to cross off. I guess my Research Assistant position here at Colby last summer – working to program robot soccer – was pretty close to this but I’ve always wanted to spend a summer in D.C or New York City working for a big company or government agency. It would look great on my resume and I really want to do it. Only problem is, I’m abroad for a ton of the summer.

9.) Go on a spontaneous last minute road trip

It’s happened before, but definitely has to happen again.

10.) Get a senior apartment or AMS quad

Room draw with a proxy will be interesting.

10.) Religiously attend pub night

I don’t think I have to worry about this one.

11.) Get a job

The thought of this is scary. I don’t even want to think about it.

12.) Graduate



See you next week!


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