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Hey guys

So this past Monday at midnight I had a Computer Science project due. Naturally, I only just finished it. I mean seriously, who cares about deadlines? Well actually, most professors. But the CS department is very different from other ones: there are only three professors who run the entire thing, and my lab professor does an exorbitant amount of work – so usually a project being “due” is pretty much a joke. It’s a little bit of a game among CS students (or maybe that’s just me..) to see how late you can turn in a project. As long as it’s on the server by the time our professor goes to grade it, it’s fine.

Anyways, so I don’t come off as too much of a slacker.. I’ve actually done a ton more on this current project than I needed to at all. I could’ve turned it in on Monday when it was actually due and gotten a good grade, but I got so into it I began to just code my game for fun. Plus, I don’t have Netflix and don’t feel like paying the 8 bucks to only use it for like 5 days over break. It’s really cool to make something yourself from scratch, and even though my project is not advanced at all, I still feel like somewhat of a god when I code. You can do such ridiculously cool things.

I just finished my write-up and put it on the wiki, and I thought I’d copy over some of the gifs and pictures to show you guys. My write-up is wicked wicked long and I could talk to you guys for hours about actually creating my project, but instead I’ll just show you the end result. And if any of you guys are wondering, I wrote this in Java. Keyboard input is used to control the snake.

This looks simple but it actually took hundreds of lines of code and many many hours to do!

I made it look sweeter

Snake died

Obstacles mean death

Parameters changed so more obstacles

I created a spawn space buffer. Exaggerated and demonstrated here

Final thing! Sorta.. it got messed up making the gif so you didn’t see the really cool start screen and game over screen

Screenshot of the intro

12.. I suck

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