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So because this is my last week left at home before I head up to Colby for the summer, I thought I’d talk about the virtual Colby community – the only connection a lot of us have to each other over the summer. While this takes place mostly on Facebook, the two big official connections that students have to Colby are the MyColby website and the Colby email system. Here are a couple good things to know about each!


MyColby pretty much has all the official information you’ll ever need about you as a student. While there are a ton of different parts to it, there are only a few that students use on a regular basis – the academics section, the campus life section, and the finances section. Because grades just came out, pretty much every current student has recently spent a ton of time on the academics section, where it has your transcript, current grades, and stuff like that. It’s also where you add and drop classes, declare a major, look at your advisor assignment, and do course evaluations. For the most part, this is the most important part of the site and the one where people go on the most. In a sort of weird way, it’s like your only official connection to the school. I’ve always found it kind of weird that I just “showed up” on campus freshman year, and without officially talking to anyone began to start taking classes with this being my only connection. (Since then, obviously I talk to my advisor and my teachers, but it always sort of amazes me how independent everything is still. The only official forms I ever fill out are virtual)

Anyways, besides academics, you also can see what your room information is, (although campus life has a whole other massive page for room draw) off campus study info, (again, there’s a HUGE separate page for this) and write evaluations for professors. For me, professor evaluations are the best part – because they’re anonymous, I love how I can openly speak my mind about how I think they’re doing. Generally, this takes the form of me just saying a lot of ridiculously flattering things about my awesome professors, but I do try to critique them as well.

Colby Email:

Besides MyColby, the one main hub that a Colby student has to kind of connect them to school is their email. During the school year, everyone probably gets an average of ten official emails from the school a day. Most of these I honestly don’t read, (hint for future Colby students: a subject line meaning “OFFICIAL NOTICE” means there’s no point in reading it) but most students do and probably should. The best email you ever get from Colby, though, is the infamous civil discourse. Released every day a bit after midnight, this comes out along with General Announcements emails, the Bulletin, and other such notices and is a sort of public forum into matters happening at Colby. I don’t want to talk too much about the discourse, because I’ve always wanted to write a massive blog post on the matter, but all I’ll say is that me and my roommate always eagerly await the discourse ever single night of the school year. Anyways, next week I’ll be writing to you guys from Colby!



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