Not all those who wander are lost, but I might be

One of the things I find to be hardest about Colby is that it makes you want more. You’ll get really interested in a class, and then it ends. A speaker will present about an idea that blows your mind, and it’s all you can think about until you talk to a classmate about something amazing that they’ve accomplished.

Everywhere you turn, there’s fascinating people and ideas catching your attention. I feel constantly distracted, and not just by goofing around with friends, but by real issues and avenues of exploration.

Coming to college is sort of like getting your foot in the door of the wider world. You can see glimpses of and learn something about the infinite possibilities ahead, but you can’t go running headlong into it quite yet (you’ve paid a little too much tuition money to just go gallivanting off at this point).  In a place like this, how could anyone ever choose just one goal to pursue? The thing is, I don’t know that anyone does.

Still, an undeniable purpose of attending college is to help solidify yourself as a person. College is meant to train you how to do something of your choosing, and I feel so lucky to  have this privilege of choice. At some point, everyone has to pick a general path to follow, or at least a major (or two).

But I’m not even a full semester into my college experience. I think I’ll wander a little. If I learn nothing else from college, it will be this: Never pass up an opportunity to learn something new.

Alice H.

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