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Okay, so I know I’ve focused a lot recently about off campus topics. I’ll be getting back to more campus specific things soon, I promise! Anyways, so my last two posts were about hanging out in Waterville and taking some ski trips, and I thought I’d fill you guys in about other things you can do in Maine. Since I’m from Maine, I obviously could think of a thousand different things you could do, but I thought I’d focus more on the things me and other Colby students have done off campus in the past since I’ve been here.

Not going to lie, besides my aforementioned ski trips, there isn’t a whole lot to do north of Colby besides hunt some deer, tap some maple syrup and enjoy a laid back rustic lifestyle. South of Colby and on the coast however, there is a plethora of things to do. Trips to either Portland or Freeport on the weekends are extremely popular among Colby students, as Freeport is about 45 minutes away and Portland’s a bit over an hour. I have taken trips to both with friends from Colby more times than I can count. There are tons of buses to Portland if you can’t find a ride, and Freeport isn’t all that hard to get to either being just off I-95. Being the largest city in Maine, Portland obviously has a huge amount going on. It’s an awesome place to just go walk around and hang out, having an amazing location being situation right on the water. It has tons of quaint but amazing restaurants and every watersport during the warmer months you could imagine. It also happens to house Maine’s only Chipotle. I know, Chipotle, no big deal.

Portland head light:

Freeport is home to the one and only world famous L.L. Bean and is a large city with a small town feel at the same time:

Besides cities in the south, Maine also has a huge amount to do on the coast. During the fall or spring, it is pretty common for Colby students to go to Old Orchard Beach or other beaches in Freeport. Acadia National Park, however, is probably the largest attraction. Home to the only fjord in the United States and easily the most beautiful place I’ve been to in my life, me and a bunch of friends piled in two cars late last spring at Colby and spent a week camping on the island. Not only did we have an amazing time visiting the beaches and mountains, but we checked out Bar Harbor and all its restaurants and shops pre tourist season.

Some pics from our trip in the spring:

One other trip that is popular to Colby students is to go visit Montreal or Quebec on the weekends. Both are roughly five and a half hours away from campus, and you can easily go and spend a weekend there. Customs and Immigrations at the border is pretty lax, and it isn’t too big of a deal to just decide to go to Canada spur of the moment. Quebec City is amazing, especially during winter carnival, and although I haven’t been to Montreal, I’ve heard from other students who have journeyed there that it has amazing skiing and awesome night life. Obviously, these are just some of the things you can do in Maine, and I love hearing about creative trips that other friends at Colby have came up with. I have personally also taken trips from Colby on weekends to NYC, New Jersey, and Boston!



Photos courtesy of Morgan Rublee ’14 as well as me

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