On the Job

One of the best things about Colby, in my opinion, is the availability of on-campus jobs. In fact, not only is there a wide range of jobs available, but many of them are really enjoyable, too. When I first came to campus as a freshman, I knew I would need an on-campus job. I have a few expensive habits that necessitate having a small supply of money readily available. For instance, I am addicted to getting my nails done, drinking mocha lattes at Dunkin or Starbucks, and eating out with friends on a fairly regular basis. So, as a pre-frosh, I was a bit concerned that I wouldn’t get a job on-campus, or one that I liked, at least.

But the thing about on-campus jobs at Colby is that they are very much akin to the extracurricular activities that you would do in high school for no pay at all; that is, they are actually really fun (at least much more fun than one of the jobs that I had in high school, which required me to do things on a farm; that’s just not an environment where I thrive). For example, at Colby, I am a blogger and tutor, and I find these things both really fun. On a related note, I have experimented with various combinations of jobs, so I’ve also gotten to do things like work for the women’s basketball team, which was also really awesome, because I find sports management-related tasks (well, I admit, only those that relate to collegiate women’s basketball or the WNBA) really relaxing and worthy pastimes. In the near future, I will work as a research assistant in the sociology department, which is also something I would do for free out of sheer interest.

So I guess what I’m saying is that I never intended to find so many interesting jobs when performing an on-campus job search, nor did I expect them to all be so enjoyable. It is also okay to mix and match jobs, so long as you don’t work over a certain amount of hours per week, which allows you to earn money for both academic and non-academic work-related tasks.

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