On Tutorials and Snow

I had my first tutorial today at Oxford. It wasn’t really a typical tutorial—my tutor and I just met to discuss my interests and to set a reading list for the remainder of the term. I’ll be taking a course on theories of material culture, and I’ll be focusing on a different topic each week. My tutorial will cover topics such as visual studies and phenomenology. I’ll be writing a paper in preparation for class each week, and then my tutor and I will discuss the theoretical issues that the week’s readings posed. I have not started my secondary tutorial yet, but it will deal with the archives at the Bodleian Library, so I’m excited for that, too.

On another note, it has been snowing more frequently than I imaged it would here. In comparison to Maine snowstorms, though, the weather has been mild. However, since I have to walk further to get to places than I ever did at Colby (it’s about a 25 minute walk to the English Faculty Library from my dorm room, and I spend most of my time there), somehow the snow has felt a bit more bothersome than it feels in Maine. One thing I miss about Colby is how close most of the buildings I needed to get to were to each other. Last semester, I thought that the Diamond building was far from my room in Go-Ho, but now that I need to take a bus to get to the athletic center at Oxford, I realize that that was a comparatively short distance.

The English Faculty Library (this library holds books that are particularly relevant to students of English literature):

I get the sense that the Brits are not used to snow. All of the libraries closed early today because of the weather.

Here is a beautiful picture of the Worcester College campus in the snow:

Until next time!

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