Only at Thanksgiving Camp

I did essentially three things over Thanksgiving break: sleep, eat, and ski. What a life. I was with the Nordic Ski Team in Stoneham, Quebec for a training camp, and I think of it longingly now as I wade through homework.

Each day we skied at Foret Montmorency, a trail system north of Quebec City. There were only about four kilometers of groomed trails open, but gliding on snow again after months of dry land training was heavenly. We’d ski for most of the daylight hours along a trail that circled a frozen pond surrounded by mountains. After our training sessions, we’d return to our houses and feast.

One of my favorite things about Thanksgiving camp (besides the fact that it’s incredibly fun) is that we get the chance to really focus on training and on the team. At school there’s always other things on my mind, but at training camps we live without obligations. I appreciate this chance take the time to think only about my skiing. It feels selfish in a way, but it is something vitally important to improving as an athlete. Each night we’d learn about sports psychology and everyday we’d practice like it was our job. Life takes on a narrow focus at Thanksgiving break, but for a few days it feels oddly refreshing.

I’m thankful for being a part of the Nordic team, a group of incredibly focused and talented atheletes.  

Have a great weekend!

Alice H

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  1. Carl Coleman says:

    I was able to spend my Thanksgiving at Quebec along with my friends and I pretty much enjoyed skiing. It was a great holiday that I’ll never forget.

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