Papers Upon Papers

Right now it’s 1:00 AM and I totally missed my phone’s reminder earlier in the week to remind me to get my blog post done! So, I am doing that right now – just in time. Usually I’m pretty good about keeping organized – balancing studying, abroad stuff, internship stuff, and elsewhat – but this week has been crazy! I know it has been for most people here on the hill, with just one week to go until finals. I have a big 10-15 page paper due this week for my class researching the 2012 election, which I opted to make a ton bigger: it’s now has to be an at least 20+ page research paper with a ton more research in order to fulfill the research requirement for the government major. It’s not really that bad especially because I enjoy the topic, and I’ve been doing research for a good couple weeks, but I have a ton of other stuff too so it’s a lot!

This is the first week where CS hasn’t completely consumed my life, and after getting very intimate with Microsoft Word I’m actually longing for it a little bit. After I get all my papers in, though, I have my final project due Friday at midnight so I’m sure a couple days from now I’ll be completely disagreeing with myself there. I know it’s probably a little bit my fault that I have so much work – I headed up to Sunday River for the weekend to get some much needed skiing in with Colby friends. It served as an end of the semester thing for all of us before we all go abroad and don’t see each other until senior year! So, it was totally worth it.

Hopefully I don’t come off as complaining about work – I actually like all the stuff I’m doing this week, even if I have a ton of it! Despite probably being up most of the night most nights this week, I’ll be having fun doing it all and enjoying life. I know, weird to say during the last week before finals. But, Loudness is coming up, and we have Outasight as our concert and a dance as well. (And some more skiing!) So I have a lot to look forward to.

Until next week,


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