Planktons, planktons and planktons

This is gonna be a brief update; my belly’s too full of goodies to tap on computer. Must. Persist. Here’s a picture of me as a pirate. There you go.

The past few weeks have been a frenzy of presentations, lab sessions and counting tiny things in the microscope. The end of times is approaching and it is crazy how little time we have to finish everything, and I welcome Thanksgiving with tears in my eyes.

Bigelow’s main interest lies in the tiniest living things in the oceans: virus, bacteria, phytoplanktons and small zooplanktons. I love zooplanktons the most since they are always so lively and kicking; some of them actually look super scary under the microscopes, staring at you like tiny aliens that will burst through the¬†microscope¬†and snicker at you. Planktons flow with the currents and are drifters, and you probably know them better as the tiny things that rushed by before Dory and Marlin got swallowed by the friendly whale.

Just because they are tiny, it doesn’t mean that they are not important. Phytoplankton provides half of Earth’s oxygen through photosynthesis. Without planktons, they marine ecosystem will collapse and the Earth will heat up like a hot air ballon. Also when you look at the water under microscope, you can no longer see the awesome geometric shapes and intense beauty that is crafted by Mother Earth. It would be a sad, sad world. Also, Bigelow scientists would be out of jobs.

Here’s an awesome website to learn more about planktons called the Plankton Chronicles:

If you are a fan of TED talks, here’s an awesome one:

I am working on a nice long and juicy post for a while, and it will be here soon, I promise! Hang on, sailor!


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