Reading Period

This weekend marked the start of reading period, and the thing about reading period is that time passes kind of curiously during it. For me, all of the days start to blend together. I am stripped of my typical weekday routines because classes are over, and all of the sudden I find myself with a ton of papers to write in a short period of time. So I basically do the same things in the same order each day: wake-up, exercise if I don’t decide to skip it in order to sleep more, eat, write, eat again, write more, and then sleep. The lack of variability in my schedule makes reading period a bit rough, and no day feels normal, not even exam days. This year, my only in-person exam (the rest of my exams are essays) is on a Saturday, which feels odd, because obviously I don’t normally frequent the classroom on a Saturday.

I have found that it is nice to try to add a few moments of variability into every day. Yesterday I went to Olive Garden for a couple of hours (actually, I think the time my friend and I spent waiting to be seated exceeded the amount of time we actually spent eating but, hey, it was actually enjoyable to play “I Spy” while passing the time in the waiting area). Today I did a thirty-minute ab workout on my dorm-room rug while listening to Pitbull, which pumped me up for essay two of my Qualitative Research take-home exam. Tomorrow, who knows what I’ll do. Maybe I’ll go buy more peanut butter granola bars. Yeah, that’s what I’ll do. I’ll need more of those for a quick energy boost during the exam period.

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