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I met with Erica Humphrey at the Career Center for the first time this week to get a little insight as to what the hell I am going to do with my life as a post-grad, which everyone I don’t ask keeps reminding me is a reality that is fast approaching. Erica did it too.

She was crazy helpful, giving me lots of websites where I could see job postings, showed me how to get in touch with alumni, stood over me and wagged her finger because my Linkedin profile sucks. I have to fix it but instead I’m writing this blog post. I need a picture for it but my I took my senior portrait this week as well and apparently my face has gotten fatter since freshman year, which makes me a little unwilling to pick something recent. Reasons to procrastinate.

But really, I want to get into advertising creative, which is kind of difficult because you need to have lots of great internship experience to break into an industry that doesn’t have a lot of turnover. Erica suggested I use my final JanPlan wisely and try to get a career-shadowing opportunity or something like that. But I really want to take blacksmithing, and I’m grappling with some serious potential consequence here. Is it possible that I’m jeopardizing my future because I want to hit hot metal with a hammer?

The director of the career center is named Roger, and I have a meeting with him after Thanksgiving break. He worked in advertising for a long time before he came to Colby, so I am going to wait to make a decision until I can at least speak to him. Hopefully it’s not as depressing as my last meeting.

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