Red Eye!

Hey all,

This week I want to share with you the film that won “best overall picture” in Colby’s Red Eye Film Festival last weekend.  The fact that I appear (briefly) in this film has nothing to do whatsoever with why I’m showing it to you.  

For those who don’t know, Red Eye Film Festivals are a little crazy. Known simply as “Red Eye” at Colby, the festival is an annual event. The whole thing lasts a mere 24 hours, in which people compete to make the best movie. The different groups are assigned a genre, a prop, a location, and several lines that must appear in their movie.  It’s quite the frenzy of writing, acting, filming, and editing, but it could be seen at the screening of all the Red Eye films that everyone came up with some great stuff.

 So, props to everyone who participated, and especially to Sonia Vargas, Charlie Dupee, and Nate Eames - creators of the winning film ”Flicker”!

Here’s the link to “Flicker”:

The other films made in this year’s Red Eye are also available on

Have a great weekend

Alice H.

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