Research and Pad Thai Too

This time of year always gets me thinking ahead to sweet summer. I find myself working on summer job applications instead of homework and the longer days get me thinking about being far away from here, somewhere new and exciting.

However, filling out those job applications has made me grateful for the cool things that I get to do at Colby that will hopefully help me get those summer jobs. This spring I’ll be working in Professor Cathy Collins’ lab, joining a group of students that have been helping her go through seed samples that she’s brought back from her forest restoration research project in the south of Costa Rica.

We all got together for lunch today to meet and get organized. As we exchanged stories about our Janplans over take-out from local┬árestaurant┬áPad Thai Too, I realized what an awesome opportunity working in Professor Collins’ lab would be. Not only would I get research experience in this semester, but I would get to meet and make connections with some awesome people. Plus, anything that involves food from Pad Thai Too is automatically great.

I imagine that students at many colleges get to do research with their professors. Still, I feel lucky to be at Colby where I can be a part of research in a setting that allows for some fun. What’s more, putting this research on my summer job applications can only help!

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