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One great resource that Colby has that you don’t really get from larger schools is the CCC: the Colby Career Center. While in the past I haven’t been too fond of the Career Center, I really don’t give it nearly as much credit as it’s due. It helps Colby students, a lot. You get one-on-one support, can make an appointment and go in and have a personal discussion over your resume, your future, or whatever at any time, and because we’re such a small school you get to know all of the people there and they get to know you. Which is a huge plus when you get to the point of applying for jobs and internships. They also offer Colby Connect, a series of (really boring) workshops that, despite my lack of interest, I really do have to acknowledge and how much they’ve changed my interactions with employers approaching the job process.

Going into Colby freshman year, my resume consisted of the usual high school stuff and nothing that I would even dream having on a resume now. The reason it’s changed so much has been due to the fact that I’ve had access to more legitimate work opportunities, but also because of the fact that I went into the Career Center, and had them help me hammer out my resume and more. That was all on top of what they had us learn in our Colby Connect classes.

I spent today e-mailing a judge at the Maine District Court, who I got referred to by Roger Woosley, the head of the CCC. The e-mail Roger had mass-sent the student body was actually regarding a spring internship, when I won’t be on campus. But, I looked into it a little bit, and the judge got back to me saying he did have some potential spots open over the summer, and may be able to accomodate my pretty ridiculous schedule as well. So, thanks again CCC. I also spent a ton of time communicating with a San Francisco based company, Mavenlink, an opportunity I heard about through my CS professor: he sends us internship chances and posts Colby job spots on a regular basis. Many times, he has a personal connection to that company, or the employer looking for students is a Colby alum or former student. So, we really get a direct connection to employers in the Colby CS department. Definitely something you only see at a school like Colby. And, needless to say, these internships aren’t your run of the mill get-people-coffee type jobs either, most of the time they’re pretty cool.

I should shut up now, and cease boring you with all the past internships and jobs spot I’ve applied for. I thought I’d shown you how my resumes have progressed.. from absolutely, embarassingly awful to.. being better.

Oh god I was a terrible freshman (also I’m a computer science major now what?) I think I later got rid of the “may be available on weekends” declaratory statement because I was too lazy to wake up..

“However I do have a strong leaning towards government studies”

Getting better. It’s still pretty horrible “I will sorely miss being part of the organism that is the kitchen” Okay so that’s why I never got any jobs

Getting there

I skipped like the next year and a half of resume drafts, but here is what it looks like now:

For non-CS jobs, I usually replace some of the above experiences with what I have below:

.. and these courses (yes I just screenshotted my LinkedIn)

Looking back on these resumes, it’s nice to see the extent to which I’ve matured since freshman year.. or maybe not. My next blog post will be from NEW ZEALAND! So excited!!


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