Last night, Spike Lee came to Colby as a keynote speaker for S.H.O.U.T weekend. He spoke to about 400+ students, faculty, and townspeople in Lorimer chapel. The terrible image above was taken by me, right before he started speaking.

First off, this event was not easy to get access to. SPB (The Student Programming Board) PCB (Pugh Community Board) had 450 tickets for students and distributed them out on two days, from 8AM to 6PM. Each day’s batch of tickets was sold out before 9AM. Nevertheless, live feeds were shown throughout the campus so anyone who wanted to could watch. When he spoke, it felt like the entire Colby student population was watching.

Mr. Spike Lee was a very inspiring speaker. He talked about his life story, how he got into filmmaking today, the whitewashing of Hollywood, and much more. He encouraged all budding young artists to stick with their craft, and to go “just do it”. He inspired people to go make a change and bring people together, through the power of art.

After his lecture, many young artists at Colby talked about how they felt motivated to continue on with their crafts. A Colby student asked Spike Lee about the influence of sports and sports’ culture on his films. While I am speaking for myself, I hope that everyone in Colby can agree when I say this: thank you Mr. Spike Lee for visiting and inspiring our school to get out there and bring about change.

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