Second Semester

Second semester has only just begun and already Maine/New England has decided to go topsy-turvy on us and dump what I’ve heard to be 12-18 or 18-24 inches of snow before Saturday…who knows.  Unfortunately for me living in AMS, I don’t have the luxury of say, the Dana residents who can avoid leaving their dorm at all this weekend.  Dana is the only dining hall open on Saturday/Sunday (and Bobs is open for dinner on Sunday night).

Despite the fact that break was only three days/four nights, I felt really refreshed as I came back on Tuesday night.  Going out on Friday on the commuter flight between Portland-Newark I was delayed three hours which put a damper on the beginning of my break – except it meant I got to land in Newark at dark and see Manhattan all lit up.

I slept until 1pm on Saturday prepared a Super Bowl feast for my grandmother and father on Sunday.

I also saw Argo on Monday which everyone should see STAT because it was absolutely phenomenal, and got me all inspired to work in the film business (an idea I’d been toying with, especially after my JanPlan class).  Flying into Portland on a sunny day was great, so I was taking stealth shots even after they had said to turn off electronics (cheeky, I know).

ALSO in the bus from Portland on Tuesday afternoon we passed the Bean Boot truck!

Wednesday I all of a sudden had a real, jam-packed day with classes 9-12 and work 1-3.  I was exhausted by the time I was done, despite the fact that I had passed out at 10:15pm the night before.  I’m liking the beginning of this semester so far.  I had originally not gotten into my fourth class (stats) so I had signed up for an English class in a panic because I was afraid to only be signed up for three classes and then potentially not be able to get a fourth one (a silly panic, in hindsight).  I went to the class on Wednesday and I’m sure I would’ve had a fine time had I stayed, especially because I need to make myself read more.  But I started thinking about other classes I could take and I kept thinking about taking an art history class especially as I could place out of the first year survey of Western art.  I took AP Art History senior year in high school and ended up really liking it.  As I traveled to different museums all over Europe last year, I loved being able to identify different artists, styles, pieces, etc.  I had sworn to myself that I’d never take it again because it was so stressful memorizing paintings, but I changed my tune after attending the class Thursday.  I think I just like art too much to not take the class, even if it’s hard work.

DJ Enferno has been cancelled for tomorrow night because of Nemo, but he’ll be rescheduled.  Also, I realized the day after I blogged last week that I totally forgot to mention how Macklemore is coming to Colby in April!  Which is crazy of me to forget because it’s kind of a huge deal, and I’ve been getting more and more excited as he’s blown up on the iTunes and Billboard charts.

Anyway, if you’re in the Northeast I hope the storm hasn’t blown you away or snowed you in too terribly.  Happy weekend!

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