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It’s that time again. Shameless plugging again.

The Colby Space Club’s Facebook page is up and running – ya’ll should “like” it:

The Club Expo was held earlier this week as well, which gives kids who were abroad or away for another reason in the fall semester a chance to see what on-campus groups are all about. Here are the new ads I ran for the club (if you look back at the old ads, you will see what a difference designing on Adobe products makes in comparison to trying to make something aesthetically pleasing on Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word is not a design platform. Remember that.)

Also, probably should have mentioned this before, but this coming Saturday, Colby is hosting its very own TEDx conference. You should like that Facebook page as well:

So besides all of that, I have a new roommate. I live in an apartment with 3 other kids, and for a reason that was definitely not related to me in any way, one of them had to move out. Replacing him is my roommate from freshman year. See? College. Lasting relationships. Put that in a brochure somewhere.

And here’s something that shouldn’t go in a brochure. When I came back from winter break, the room was a complete mess – the two of my roommates that had stayed for Jan Plan had really let the room go. I’m talking old plates in the sink with standing water, crusted on floor, smelling like a subway station. So, I made an executive decision and just threw everything out. Unfortunatley, that meant a lot of my roommate’s stuff, like dishware and cutlery. Scrubbed the rest of the apartment clean and hoped we could call it even.

We could not. I fought with him, fought with his mom, but when it came down to it, I guess I was wrong for the simple fact that it wasn’t my stuff to throw out. Believe me, if I could have bagged all the garbage up and left it in his room until he got back, I would have. I tried, but his door was locked. So needless to say, we started out the new semester with some roommate beef. But thankfully, it’s resolved now, and actually, the messy room thing had been a tension all year and this allowed us to talk about it. Which allows us to get along together better.

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