Shopping in Maine

I explored a few of the major sites for shopping in Maine this weekend. While you can pretty much find the essentials in Waterville or Augusta (which is about a 20 minute drive away), if you are looking for a more diverse range of stores, it is probably a better idea to go to South Portland, Freeport, or Kittery.

South Portland is a great place to go if what you seek is a standard shopping mall. It is a little over an hour away from Colby. There are a lot of clothing and technology stores at The Maine Mall and, on the plus side, it’s about five minutes away from the heart of Portland, where there are a ton of great places to dine. The Maine Mall also houses one of the few Apple stores in Maine. If it’s raining in Maine (which happens more than you would expect), you probably want to visit this mall, just because it is probably the only indoor mall in Maine. The mall was decorated really nicely for the holiday season when I went there this weekend, which made it even more enjoyable to walk around.

Freeport is probably one of the most well known shopping areas in Maine. There are a ton of outlet stores there, including everyone’s favorite store for outdoor needs, L.L. Bean (this is the site of the store’s headquarters). On top of this, it is a really pretty and scenic place. Even if you aren’t really looking to buy something, Freeport is just a pretty place to walk around with friends.

Kittery, Maine is a little further than South Portland and Freeport. It is probably close to two hours away from Colby, but if you’re feeling a relaxing drive one weekend, this is a cool place to go. Kittery is very similar to Freeport as far as its stores go—they are all outlet stores, and this is also an outdoor mall. Kittery, like Freeport, was packed when I went there, but it did have some interesting stores, including a Men’s Coach store and a Pepperidge Farm store.

Most of these places are a little over an hour away from Colby, but they are great locations to travel to and to explore over the weekend.

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