Weirdly enough, it didn’t really start snowing until this January. Oh sure, it snowed a few times on Halloween and Thanksgiving. It didn’t really “count” though when the snow was all melted away. Much to our mild confusion, Colby was a snow-free campus during December.

Now the snow is back and all the inconvenient things that comes with it. I personally am not a huge fan of snow. It looks nice for pictures but the leftover muddy mess is not worth it. In Colby, there are trucks that are constantly paving paths throughout the snow. And while the trucks obviously can’t cover anything, I will say this: Colby is one of the perfect places to enjoy snow. After all, we Colby students are lucky enough to not have to shovel it ourselves.

So I’ve a few pictures here to show what Colby looks like during snowtime. I’ve been obsessed with the Android app Pixlr-o-matic (it’s basically Not!Instagram) so that should explain why all the weird effects on these pictures. Come visit Colby when it’s snowing, it’s beautiful here :) .

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