Some Thoughts on the Semesters

I finished the body of my honors thesis yesterday. Now I just have to write the introduction and a few concluding remarks. That probably sounds backwards, but you actually write those things last for larger projects like theses. The project seemed very intimidating earlier in the semester; I worried that I wouldn’t finish and that I hadn’t gathered enough critical sources. But here I am, almost ready to hand in a full draft of my thesis, and ready to do that earlier than I had planned, too. Some things just have a way of working themselves out.

Progressing this far in my thesis forced me to confront the obvious—that fall semester really is coming to a close. While I’ve finished the bulk of my honors project, I now find myself with a slew of research papers and essays to do. Professors have handed out final paper assignments, exam review sheets, and final project grading rubrics.

But as the fall semester winds down, I can’t help but think about what next semester has in store for me. I will be studying abroad in England (at Oxford’s Worcester College) during the spring semester, so while most students on campus are picking their classes for the spring, I find myself filling out health forms, signing study abroad agreements, getting passport-sized photos taken (if you ever study abroad in England, know that they do love their passport-sized photos. I’ve already sent around 8 or 10 so far, and since I don’t keep these on stock, that has meant quite a few trips to CVS), signing Ethernet agreements for while I’m at Oxford, and reading the “fresher’s pack” that the college sent me “by post” (I find their lingo fascinating and wonderful).

All of this is very exciting, but nerve-wracking, too. I will be traveling with Butler, a study-abroad agency that Colby is connected to, which means that I will be going to England with a group of students from around the area who are also going to Oxford. They offer group trips to explore the area on weekends, and have been helpful in emailing the group little tips about life in England to prepare us for departure. So while it’s a little scary to be leaving the country for the first time, I am confidant that I am in good hands and that I will have a blast there.

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