Sooner And/Or Later

My mind has been in a weird place for the past few days. My school work has started picking up as the end of second semester approaches at the same time that I am beginning to plan out next year’s fall semester. So, I am switching my focus between my class assignments due in a few days and what to do next fall and beyond.

Since I am primarily taking writing intensive courses, I have more papers than tests. This means that I am able to compile most of my information at any time, which is different from tests which are generally based on information worked towards in class, until a test date. This leaves me little room for excuses of why I don’t do my work and the idea of unfinished work hangs over my head all the time.

However, room draw is on Monday and the courses for next fall were released earlier in the week. Both of these are pretty important in determining how my sophomore year will play out. In my case the courses I choose for next year will be a huge determining factor in what I choose to major in. So, with the exception of one or two required courses, I have only a vague idea of the classes I want to take next semester.

With all of these crucial short term and long term matters in my life, I play soccer everyday, enjoy the relatively nice weather, and am going to the J. Cole concert at Colby this weekend. I find that if I constantly worry about the loads of things I have to do, I get so caught up at the prospect of doing work, that I am less productive when I actually try to do it. It is a definite possibility that what I just said is simply a weak rationalization used to justify procrastination.  However, I have observed and experienced that if you can find an outlet to let go of whatever is lingering within your mind, even if it is only for a brief time, the lingering feeling will be much easier to deal with if it returns.

Finding the outlet is the hard part: It could be a sport, music, meditation, a meal with a friend, or even something as simple as taking a walk, but once you find your outlet, nothing becomes too much to manage.

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