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When you live with people, you learn how to read them. Constantly being around my friends at Colby has taught me the importance of looking out for one another.

There are times in college when you forget the reason why you’re working so hard. When work piles up and you get stressed, it gets hard to see the big picture. I’ve learned that these are the times when it’s most important to reach out to friends. Whether I’m the one feeling that way or I see someone else struggling, I’ve learned it’s worth it to sit down and talk to someone.

Of all the valuable things about college, one of the most valuable things is the friends you make. I’d say it’s worth going to college just to have the experience of making those friends. The friends I’ve made this year are, in many cases, very different from me. We are interested in different things, we take different classes, we have different beliefs. This experience, of learning how to trust someone who has a totally different view of the world than you do, teaches you how to truly respect their views. Being friends with people different than you also builds those friendships on deeper things than a shared opinion or hobby. I’ve learned how to reach out to people that I maybe wouldn’t have reached out to before, and because of this I’ve made incredible friends. We’re not friends because we like the same music or are from the same place – it runs deeper than that.

Thanks to all of the friends I’ve made this year. Also, thank you for taking care of me this week when I got sick away from home for the first time.

If there are times when a certain class or homework assignment is wearing you down, remember that there are always people in your life to support you. If nothing else matters, it’s the people who you depend on and who depend on you that do matter. Love one another.

Alice H

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  1. Steve says:

    I agree…the more you meet people the more you are able to “read” people…some of the reading is enviromental and some are ethnic…both are facinating! I love the fact that you can learn from differences.

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