Spring has come to Waterville. I’m not going to lie, the warm wind and the sun have felt great.

This early change of seasons hasn’t been the only weird thing about this winter. We barely got any snow all throughout December and January, and had some very warm spells in mid February.

I’m getting nervous. Honestly, I’m worried we’ll have more winters like this past one, and fewer cold and snowy winters. I’m worried that climate change is taking hold, and this thought truly scares me.

As of yet, it cannot be proven that the pitiful winter was due to climate change. No weather event can be definitely, without a doubt linked to climate change. However, several recent erratic weather events have been found to be very likely caused and/or worsened in severity by climate change.

The drought that began in Texas in the summer of 2011 (one of the worst droughts, if not the worst, in the region’s history) is one event thought to be linked to climate change. James Hansen, top NASA scientist found that the probability of such a severe drought occurring without the effects of climate change is extremely low. Climate change may not be the direct cause of weather events, but significant evidence has been found that it increases the intensity and¬†occurrence¬†rate of such events.

A future with severe droughts, lame winters, and other strange weather patterns does not have to be our future. We still have some leverage in this situation, and I hope that we take advantage of it now while we can. Please get involved – let your representatives know that you back them on climate legislation, insulate your house, and get your friends and family on board too. We’re fighting for ourselves now, for our own happiness and way of life.

Alice H.

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