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This is it. Getting down to the wire.. two weeks until I go abroad and three more (full) days of JanPlan! I took most of my posters down today and the reality really started to set in. Next week, (this week I guess, since it’s Sunday night) I promise, I’ll do a blog not related to going abroad. Our CS JanPlan project will be done and I should have some good screenshots for you guys! Besides working on that project and not being able to sleep out of travel anticipation, this week I looked a bunch into what my housing situation will be like.

Out of everything I’ve done to go abroad, looking into housing was the most exciting part for me! I’ll be living in a flat with 4-6 people housing they call Te Kotahinga. There are two different parts of Wellington my apartment could be in, but both are pretty close to each other and are in the more downtown part of the city. They’re right in the middle of the harbor area and right near some waterfront pubs! Our backyard consists of nature preserves.

Generally each apartment is part of a pretty small house with a bunch of other domestic and international students, and each flat comes with the following accomodations:

Te Kotahinga also has periodic barbeques for its residents. Not complaining. This is what a flat looks like:

On a completely unrelated note, the school also has a sort of meditation hut which is described as the following: (I just thought it was cool)

Two more blog posts. Then the next one will be from Auckland.. we have a four day orientation there! Ahhh I can’t wait.



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