Sup Fellas

That is short for fellowships, not a retrieval of some archaic slang whether meant ironically or otherwise. I have but one thing on my mind, and it weighs heavy on me every day: the Watson Fellowship.

The Watson Fellowship seems almost too good to be real. What the fellows all have in common is passion – what that passion is per person is almost entirely unique. The Watson Fellowship allows for a year of postgraduate travel. Now, let me be clear: that is a full year of out-of-the-United-States-or-your-native-country travel. Like you are not allowed to come back for 365 days and you are completely cultured and an expert on your topic and have spent all the $25,000 that they gave you.

What I found most surprising about this fellowship is that there really is not an end goal. By that I mean, there’s no massive research paper, no book expected to be produced, no constant conference with babysitters. The product is in fact the Watson fellow, who is supposed to be a person of exceptional promise that will benefit humanity as a result of their growth over their year pursuing their passion.

If ya’ll aren’t intellectually salivating, then I have failed as a writer, because there is no opportunity that rivals this. This fellowship is what academics wish for 3 times when approached by a genie or sign away their health to the devil for.

The reason this is burdening me so is that the campus deadline for over 3000 words of application material is September 28th. Gives me about a week, you know? Because I had been looking at the National Competition deadline in November thinking I was fine. Nah. So I apologize to everyone for being super irritable and self absorbed lately, because I want this and need to figure out how to tell Colby and then hopefully the Foundation that I deserve it (only 4 kids get nominated from each school to enter in to the national considerations, and then only 40 kids are chosen.)

I’ll keep you updated.

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