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Space Day Forthcoming

This thing has become the single-biggest source of stress in my life. It supercedes all homework assignments and social obligations, fills up my email inbox, dominates my small talk, keeps me up late and wakes me up early. I’m not even doing anything for it, really – I’m just worrying.

I’m still in the guerilla marketing phase of things. I took little stickers of rocket ships that said “Space Day April 17” and stuck them on the front of all the soda fountains so when the soda comes out it looks like the rocket is launching. Cute, right?

The physics department got my co-president and I astronaut costumes and we’re going to learn a hip-hop dance routine and perform it in Pulver during the week to generate buzz. That’s what’s on my mind right now. I have essays and screenings to worry about, but really I’m worried about the high rise of the one-piece costume and whether I’ll get stage fright.

But the inflatable planetarium is all set and it’s going to basically cost us nothing to get the model rocket stuff set up on Dana Lawn, so that’s all good news. We’re kind of at the mercy of the weather for that though. We also picked up a bunch of artwork from the George Mitchell Middle School of Saturn and other space stuff. It’s so adorable and we’re going to decorate the student center with it, along with posters and decorations we have made.

I want the day to come, but I also just want it to be over (and having been well-attended.) I hope people have fun!

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So my posters are up

You’d join my club, right?

Not exactly a graphic designer, but I’m trying to get into the ad copy world and this is all I have to work with right now. They’re funny, right? Tried to hit some heartstrings too but really I just needed to move this club business along.

The first meeting is on Wednesday night, so my co-president and I need to think up a script of things we want to go over. We’re also planning our first observation night to be next Tuesday. THIS IS HAPPENING GUYS aren’t you so excited?

I’m going to New York later this week to see a The Weeknd who’s playing one of 3 sold out shows. It’s so hard to get down there though, I’m going to have to take a bus to Portland and then fly to New York. Then on Saturday, when I have to come back up, it’s going to be roughly 10 hours on a bus. Yikes.

Halloween is coming up, so I hope ya’ll have your costumes ready. I think I’m going to be part of the Human Centipede – pics forthcoming. Also, if you check Her Campus Colby, I was totally campus celebrity last week. Famous ya’ll

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That’s Students for the Exploration and Development of Space, a club that I just brought to the Student Government Association and (after some stellar pitching) got approved and is now fully recognized by Colby.

The procedure was actually fairly painless. My friend Melanie and I had a talk over the summer, and what we identified as a real void in the Colby social scene is a science-y club, more specifically some place like minded individuals could talk about space. So we decided to do something about it.

I had first learned about SEDS through an article in Wired magazine and immediately decided that it was the coolest thing I had ever heard of – a club with the purpose of promoting space exploration and related education endeavors. So I went on the website, figured out how to start a chapter at my school, and got on it.

The first thing I had to do was fill out a preliminary application online for SGA to approve, which consisted of goals unique to our club, a mission statement, club officers (why hello there Mr. Co-Founder and Co-President, I would love to put you on my resume,) and basic reasons for the club’s presence on campus. Then I had to meet with Campus life, essentially just to explain the need for the club. Finally, my co-founder and I went in front of the SGA and sold it hard. Applause followed.

Unfortunately, since being approved, the club has seen little action and I’m sad to say that it is my fault entirely. SEDS has kind of been on the back-burner with the fellowship and JanPlan applications (trying to get blacksmithing for January – fingers crossed people) in addition to all my regular schoolwork. I have a meeting with the treasurer on Tuesday, though, so hopefully that will get things moving.

The main activities we at SEDS are trying to bring to campus are scheduled observation nights, viewings of documentaries like Cosmos, and hopefully even getting a NASA speaker to come up and tell Colby what’s good with space. I’ll keep you updated.

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So I’m a Senior

How weird is that?

When I look at that word I always feel like it would be more fitting as senor with a tilde than senior like senior citizen. Semantics aside, I’m living in the apartments this year. Let me show you what that means: PICTURE


To you foodies out there, that’s pulled pork and coleslaw with sweet potato fries. Princeton review says we have great dining halls and I’ll take their word for it, but this is what it’s all about – that home cooking.

I’ll be honest, that meal is a best-case scenario. For every other meal, my roommates and I eat sandwiches made on bagels because they are the only type of bread we have left in the house (cinnamon raison and salami?) But my dad is a chef from New York City, so if I didn’t flex those genes every once in a while, I would bring great dishonor to my family. Like Mulan.

Moving into the senior apartments on campus is just like moving in to a real apartment, because it’s just exactly that. You need furniture, kitchen stuff, food, decorations, cleaning supplies. Without those things, you don’t have a home. You have a bedroom with a dirty bathroom.

We have a home here in Alfond 133. Astro turf rug, chair as a T.V stand, soccer flags as wall art. So college, right? My friend told me it’s like sitting in a field because of the turf and the window orientation, and I kind of believe that. It’s very Maine.

Loudness weekend really set the tone for the year. I’m a senior, I’m part of the bicentennial class, and my friends and I live in crazy dope places all over Waterville. What that means is that the land, lakes, mountains – all that fun stuff. Complete access. I’ll keep ya’ll updated.

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A Powdery Weekend

Spring Weekend at Colby. This post isn’t even going to try to be funny, because I’m taking the journalistic integrity route and just giving you the facts. Not that I don’t always, but one might argue that these posts are typically pretty subjective, though I guess that’s somewhat the point.


This is the best weekend of the year, and yes that’s speaking objectively. The spring concert is always so bananas that I feel kind of bad for kids that go abroad in the spring because they miss it (typically.) This year it was Big K.R.I.T and J. Cole. KRIT’s pretty popular in the hip hop community, but J. Cole is the big time. I don’t really know how Colby gets these performers like this to come to basically the northernmost Princeton review listed college (don’t quote me on that) but it’s pretty impressive. Wiz Khalifa and Big Sean were here last year, if that puts things in perspective for you. I think they ate at the Burger King after, but again, don’t quote me on that.

But honestly, the most hilarious part of Spring Weekend has got to be the Powder-puff Football game. The girls of each class year get pitted against each other in what is typically a bracket-style flag football game. My class (2013) and the sophomores this year (2014) apparently made the decision to leave the flags on the sideline and play full on tackle. Which was objectively awesome. There’s tons of music and the crowd get’s really into it and you can sit on the field: it’s a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

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