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Nothing to do with class

More pics this week.

I ended up not being the Human Centipede for Halloween this past week. Instead, when I was in New York for a couple days, I picked up a Bane mask and went as him. My friends here are sick of me doing my impression of him because a) I can only remember 4 lines from the movie, and none of them are every contextually relevant, and b) the friend that I do the most impressions for hasn’t even seen the movie.

It’s kind of hard being from New York and going to Colby, because New York is just far away enough that it doesn’t really make sense to travel down for just the weekend, because it’s essentially a day and a half of travel for a day and a half of being home. Not the ideal ratio. So I skipped out on Thursday instead and made it home just in time to go see the Weeknd in concert, which was unreal. For those of you that don’t know him, he’s R&B-ish, kind of like Frank Ocean but not really and from Canada. Here he is:

Too good. Also, my parents decided to drive me back to school on Saturday, which was great because it saved me from about 4 extra hours on a bus. They brought my dog too. Here’s a picture of her first time in Walmart:

The linoleum was too slippery for her and every time she tried to change direction she fell over. Tell me you didn’t just go “aww.”

And finally this is me on actually Halloween, Wednesday. The tag I’m saying says “From: God, To: Women.”

Get it?

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