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Change of Plans

I was watching a documentary the other day called “happy,” about happiness around the world. The conclusion that it came to, basically, was that in order to maximize happiness, you should surround yourself with people that you care about, and in order to release the maximum amount of endorphins, you should be doing something physical to occupy your time.

I had watched this documentary at a time that I was just getting over not getting an internship for January. I had met with the top two people at the Colby Career Center, both of whom told me that I was at a disadvantage when in came to post-grad employment because of my lack of experience, and I was feeling pretty inadequate. So after watching this thing, I thought to myself, whatever. This is my last JanPlan at Colby, I’m going to spend it with my boys doing blacksmithing all day every day, going snowboarding on the weekends, and doing something that was neither blatantly academic or career oriented. I was really excited for the chance to do this thing that people rarely get the chance to do.

Then I get this email two days ago. It’s from a VP at Johnson & Johnson – you know, that huge health multi-national – saying that there’s an internship for me if I want it. Obviously I should have been instantly ecstatic because this is a huge opportunity for me and is some crazy resume swag, even if it’s not in advertising (the industry that I’m interested in.) And it’s paid (400/wk!!!). I feel like such a brat because I had applied to this internship as somewhat as an afterthought and every practical part of my prefrontal cortex is screaming at my limbic system to be more pumped about this internship, because I also get to be back home in NYC for January. But honestly this news just came at such a weird time, because I really was so looking forward to having a manish January. Sending the email to the instructor saying I couldn’t take his course was difficult.

Well, in other news, the Geminid meteor shower is going to be peaking tomorrow night and it’s supposed to be amazing. It’s a new moon (meaning no moon) so the Internet is saying that viewers will be able to see 150 meteors/hr, which is insane. Since it’s finals week, Space Club isn’t allowed to hold an official event, but we are still trying to blow up the airwaves and get people to come out as a study break. Hot chocolate is on me.

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And just like that it’s over.

After this past hellish week, my semester is all but wrapped up. I had 30 pages of writing due last Thursday, but now the only thing I’m looking at is an hour-long exam this coming Saturday. For the first time in a long time, I’m…bored.

In preparation for the fast approaching real world, I really tried to load up my plate this semester. I took writing intensive classes, started a club and joined another, was/am on a club sports team, do my own laundry. And I’m working two jobs, I almost forgot about those. It was pretty exhausting. Not to mention I’m living in an apartment, and I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this but I have a little trouble sharing space. It adds more unprompted stress in my life, you see. And to some extent, I’m worried that taking on all of this may have negatively impacted the commitment I could have put into any one of these activities. I guess that’s a lesson in itself, huh.

Regardless, I’m looking forward to a JanPlan full of blacksmithing and snowboarding. I’m also going to try to watch all of Battlestar Galactica, because I’ve finally summoned up enough free time and geek-offset (blacksmithing is thick with testosterone, right?) to tackle the serious, which is notoriously life destroying (EVERYONE SHOULD WATCH PORTLANDIA TOO.)

In other news, I was talking to my friend Lucas recently. Lucas and I go way back to high school in the Bronx, and he told me that he is actually pretty special here. Every Tuesday at 4 p.m, he host a WHMB (the college’s radio station) show with his friend Ty. That’s not special, there are 2 hour time slots all over the place and anyone can apply for one (I did a hipster music show my freshman year.) Their particular show is special because it is the only talk-radio show the College produces. And it’s sports talk radio. The banter is great, and they are from New York (call me biased.) Ya’ll should check them out.

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