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Geek Sqaud

I wish I could call myself a nerd, but the truth is I’m not smart enough to have earned that distinction. I’m getting there though, and taking five classes is certainly helping.

The thing about college is that you’re at an institution where you get to tailor your class schedule to your own interests. The thing about going to a liberal arts college is that you start out your freshman year as an econ major with a minor in environmental studies and you find yourself at the end of your junior year with the words “English Major” under your name tag wondering how you ever thought game theory would be worth stumbling through those menial econ theory classes. I guess it’s subjective, that stuff just isn’t my jam. I guess I’ll read a book about it or something.

At 20 years old being smart has finally become cool again, if not for the intrinsic value of the “did you know’s” then for the opportunities that being smart will be present in the forthcoming and terrifying real life. Colby has a comprehensive tuition, which means I can take as many classes as I damn well please because I don’t pay by any stupid class credit and I am for sure going to squeeze my moneys worth out of this place. The only problem with that is that I am a mere mortal who likes the humanities, which means I have to read a heinous amount of material every week. Heinous, as in shockingly evil.

I can’t remember a time that I wasn’t swamped, but I’ve come to terms with it; I think I just like being busy. Also I couldn’t even drop a class if I wanted to. Two classes I’m taking are for my English major which I want to finish early so I’m not forced to take a class senior year to fulfill a requirement, so those are out. I’m taking foundations of studio art, which requires a lot of out-of-class work but is a pre-req for all the sweet upper level courses (I’m looking at you, printmaking.) Also, there’s charcoal pencils in my art kit that have yet to be used, so I can’t leave just yet – something beautiful is about to happen. Next is a business class, which I need as a pre-req for an advertising class next year so that’s out too. My last elective is Philosophy of Religion, which I wouldn’t dream of dropping despite a torturous reading requirement. I want to take metaphysics, the coolest subject of all, in the fall, so I need the other philosophy course as, you guessed it, a pre-req.

So pretty much all I can do is complain, but the fact of the matter is, the liberal arts just get me jazzed up about learning.

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