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Classic Style

Greetings readers, I am writing to you from my desk in 28 degree Maine yet I am somehow peeling from my face and back. How is this possible, you may inquire. I shall tell you: SPRING BREAK BABY

I’m sure that I’ve mentioned I’m on the Ultimate Frisbee team here at Colby, and honestly I can say the number one reason I do it is because of the spring break tream every year to Georgia. It just encompasses everything that a Frisbee player could want: beaches, pools, big houses, lots of days to do nothing, hot weather, sun, other colleges, limited chaperones. It typically turns into a wild week were you really get to know everyone on the team in a social setting, which is helpful because of human nature’s tendency to form cliques.

The worst part? There’s a drive, and we all have to drive. Well, except for me, who got a speeding ticket in Georgia during the last spring break trip making a left hand turn in a fully loaded suburban. REALLY LOCAL COPS? HOW DID I GET TO 47 THAT FAST? PHYSICS SAYS IT IS IMPOSSIBLE.

But anyway, there’s a roughly 22 hour drive to some island (this year is st. simon) and believe me that car ride is a trip in itself. It really tests the bonds of friendship and body odor. But you are rewarded with arriving on an island midday and having at least two days before you have to play Ultimate.

There are three full days of play that run from Tuesday to Thursday, with an optional playing day on Monday (I didn’t do it this year, and I instead chased dolphins on the beach. No joke, tell me I made the wrong decision. I didn’t, let me save you the time.)

A farewell party follows, hopefully you’ve made friends at other schools, and then you all ship back up to the tundra on Friday. It physically pains me to write this, as my fingers feel like they are going to snap off because of the cold. I can hear the wind outside. Isn’t that weird? It’s air. But it’s loud.

Bring me back south.

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