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Bates Art Museum

I know this is a bit late, but being a humanities student, the price I pay for not having scheduled finals at the end of each semester is that the final week before the exam period, I really get slammed. I don’t mean to brag, but I have 2 creative portfolio’s due, a marketing group presentation, and a 15 page paper due all before next Thursday. At least I turn 21 this month.

Yesterday we had a field trip! And by we, I mean the Students for the Exploration and Development of Space. And our field trip was to the Olin Center for the Arts at one of our rival schools, Bates College down in Lewiston, ME.

We went to Bates because their art museum was hosting a temporary installation of Astrophotography – pieces that were done mostly by amateurs. Here’s a link:


And here’s a picture of the free poster we all got!

You might be able to see my robot sheets

We caravanned down (hopefully the school will reimburse me for the gas and tolls) and got to see some incredible photos of galaxies, eclipses, false coloring, a “painting” on photographic paper, and other things I can’t really explain because I don’t understand them fully. There was even a huge print of the same Orion Nebula photograph that I have hanging in my dorm room.

Tonight is the hockey game against Bowdoin, which, if you read the New York Times (or have facebook friends that go to Colby or Bowdoin and who read the New York Times) you will know that it’s a pretty big rivalry. I haven’t been to a hockey game since sophomore year (because, you know, organized sports are fascist and whatnot. Go Ultimate Frisbee) but I’m super pumped, realizing that I hate hockey and this might be one of the last times I can see myself having any theoretical investment in a stick sport.

The games are always fun, though, and the crowd is a mess and everyone gets really into it. Possible NSFW pics coming regarding the aftermath of the game.

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That’s Students for the Exploration and Development of Space, a club that I just brought to the Student Government Association and (after some stellar pitching) got approved and is now fully recognized by Colby.

The procedure was actually fairly painless. My friend Melanie and I had a talk over the summer, and what we identified as a real void in the Colby social scene is a science-y club, more specifically some place like minded individuals could talk about space. So we decided to do something about it.

I had first learned about SEDS through an article in Wired magazine and immediately decided that it was the coolest thing I had ever heard of – a club with the purpose of promoting space exploration and related education endeavors. So I went on the website, figured out how to start a chapter at my school, and got on it.

The first thing I had to do was fill out a preliminary application online for SGA to approve, which consisted of goals unique to our club, a mission statement, club officers (why hello there Mr. Co-Founder and Co-President, I would love to put you on my resume,) and basic reasons for the club’s presence on campus. Then I had to meet with Campus life, essentially just to explain the need for the club. Finally, my co-founder and I went in front of the SGA and sold it hard. Applause followed.

Unfortunately, since being approved, the club has seen little action and I’m sad to say that it is my fault entirely. SEDS has kind of been on the back-burner with the fellowship and JanPlan applications (trying to get blacksmithing for January – fingers crossed people) in addition to all my regular schoolwork. I have a meeting with the treasurer on Tuesday, though, so hopefully that will get things moving.

The main activities we at SEDS are trying to bring to campus are scheduled observation nights, viewings of documentaries like Cosmos, and hopefully even getting a NASA speaker to come up and tell Colby what’s good with space. I’ll keep you updated.

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