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I’m pretty spoiled at Colby. I can wake up 15 minutes before class, roll out of bed, and still make it to class on time. Things at King’s College in London will be a little different. I have 3 options: I can take the Tube, I can catch a bus, or I can walk. ¬†As I have yet to figure out the bus schedule (I am going to attempt this next week), my two current options are the Tube and walking. As a small town girl who has only used the New York Subway system and the Boston T a handfull of times, I thought figuring out the London Underground would be incredibly difficult. It turns out it’s pretty simple. To get to my campus from my apartment (or flat, as the Brits call it), it takes 20-25 minutes. Not too bad.

However, I think most days I’ll end up walking. It’s about a 35-minute walk, which really isn’t too bad. My British flatmate showed me the quickest route to campus, so now I feel like an old pro. Plus, my walk is full of new sights to take in. This is my favorite:

From the moment I see that view, the sights only get better. Crossing the bridge over the Thames is my favorite part of the walk. There always so much activity on the river, plus you can just see the dome of St. Paul’s Cathedral in the distance to the right, while Big Ben and the London Eye stare at you from the left. Plus, my campus is right at the end of the bridge. Here’s a shot of it in the evening:

While I won’t be able to wake up 15 minutes before my classes this semester (which is unfortunate, since I have an early morning class), I will get to see these beautiful sights every morning and night. I have nothing to complain about.

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