Tangled Schedules

As I’m approaching the beginning of my junior year, I’ve started to try and get my academic future organized. Although I had been trying to do this since freshman year, it never really happened until recently. And I guess looking back at it, that’s the way it should be – no freshman should have their Colby career mapped out. Anyways, I think I know exactly what classes I’m going to take until I graduate, with one or two exceptions. Schedule confirmations for the fall semester just came out, and just as I hoped I got into all the classes that I wanted. I’m taking CS231 (a computer science class based in Java) that I need to take next semester to either minor or major in CS – so that class is kind of a big deal. My lab professor (Professor Maxwell) is the same professor that I’ve had for every single Colby CS class so far (and the guy I’m working with over the summer!) which is really nice – one great benefit of going to such a small school, and having such a small minor or major. The CS department only has three professors, after all. That will be the fourth CS class I’ve taken, which means I need to take six more in the future to major, or three more for a minor. (A minor needs six, but one class I’ve taken so far only would count towards a major)

My next two classes are both government classes – one is with Professor Corrado, who I had for Presidential Nomination Politics, Campaign Finance, and Political Theory. He is an amazing guy – I think I’ve talked about him in the past and probably will in the future. Anyways, that class is called the 2012 Election – and as those of you who are my avid Twitter followers have probably been able to tell, I am extremely pumped for it. The other government class I’m taking has something to do with post-communist transformations – I needed to take it to satisfy the gateway requirement for the government major. Still, it’s a government class and as the entire government department is so ridiculously over qualified, I’m sure it will be awesome. My last class I’m still not a hundred percent sure of what I want to be, but I think I will either take an easy course to boost my GPA, or try to take one of the philosophy courses that gets rid of my literature requirement. Then, I would only be left with my non lab science to fulfill which is going to be terrible but I think I’m going to take bioethics or something easy (I know I know, bioethics really isn’t science) when I’m abroad in Sydney in the Spring.

Which leads me to the rest of my Colby curriculum – for JanPlan I think I’ll be taking another CS course that would go towards a possible double major, and then second semester I’ll be in Sydney where on top of my bioethics course I’d take a CS course to fulfill a very specific course at Colby. (I would need this one course in particular to major) Since I don’t know what classes they offer yet it’s kind of hard yet usually they have the same sort of stuff that they have the semester before. Anyways, the other two classes would probably be pretty easy classes that I’d take out of interest – like architecture or something. Additionally, I might try to get my thematic requirement for my government major out of the way. Senior year my schedule would be heavily filled with four 300 level CS courses, a senior seminar, a math course for the CS major, and then some easy courses to get my grades up, or maybe I would only take three courses a semester! JanPlan I would either take off or do something fun.

Time to go do some OCS stuff – sorry if I bored you, I thought I’d give some of you guys who are looking at Colby an idea of what goes through an upperclassman’s mind looking at schedules!

See you next week,


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