The End of a Colby Summer

So summer at Colby is finally over. After I get done with work today (a bit early, perhaps) I’ll be heading over to AMS to put all my fall stuff in the trunk room. While it seems like a terrible task, (and it kinda is) it’s actually a ton of fun getting ready for the fall already. I have most of my stuff for my room next year packed up and ready, and it’ll all be up at Colby for me once I come up in early September. I still have a month to go, though, where I’ll be working at my local restaurant – trying to get up some money for going abroad to Sydney among other things. While I’m going to do the usual back to school shopping and stuff, for the most part I’m ready. My stuff will be in the trunk room, my classes are chosen and I should be officially enrolled in them sometime soon, and everything else is squared away. That being said, I still have to do all my abroad forms – which is definitely going to take most of the month. I need to get a ton of complicated forms that I don’t understand notarized, signed, stamped, and whatever official business needs to be done with them. I also have to get health insurance figured out, and apply for a student visa.. I think. I don’t really know. Should I? Oh well.

While summer at Colby has been a lot of fun and definitely a great experience, it will be a huge relief to have everything go back to normal in the fall. I’m looking forward to campus being it’s usual busy, bustling self and am even excited about studying and writing papers. Above anything, being a junior and all my friends and I turning 21 is going to be an experience, although not seeing people for an entire semester or a whole year while they’re studying abroad will be weird. But everyone coming back together for our last year is going to be wicked sick. I’m pretty excited. And it seems weird, but one thing I constantly keep looking forward to is my 2012 election class – I get so pumped about elections in general and taking a class on it is going to be just amazing. I could literally go to that class for ten hours a day.

- Nick

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