The Food Situation

At Colby, the meal plan is pretty straight forward and simple: you get three meals a day and three dining halls to choose from. Plus, there’s “The Spa” where you can get burgers and quesadillas (and more) and “Take Four” where you can grab a quick lunch to bring to class with you.

Things over here in London are a little different. The British students I live with basically think that the Americans they live with are incompetent when it comes to cooking, and, compared to them, I am. They make curry and other amazing food in no time. The apartment style of living is completely new to me, as is having to go grocery shopping every week. I am slowly building my repertoire of easy recipes that make plenty of leftovers. So far I’ve eaten lots of rice, pasta, and soup. One thing I have discovered is that Nutella is so much tastier here!

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, probably because it’s the simplest. Breakfast sandwiches are my new staple, since they keep me nice and full on my 30-minute walk to school!

And on those days that I just can’t be bothered to cook, I treat myself to a delicious meal somewhere inexpensive. This was an amazing breakfast sandwich, served with a salad. It was an interesting combination!

While it’s been fun cooking for myself so far, I am pretty sure I’ll be ready for Colby’s dining hall food by the fall. Rice and pasta can only be cooked so many ways.

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