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On Wednesday this week I tried to do a “student lens” type deal and photograph things throughout my day.  I know there’s a photos section of the insideColby website, but I took all of these literally as I walked, sat, elliptical-d, ate, whatever.  I hope they give a different kind of insight into what a day at Colby actually looks like.  The photos aren’t great and some of them may be actually boring, but these are some of the things I see every day.  It’s the real Colby and from my point of view, so here goes…

This is a Snapchat I believe I sent to one of my friends in England, just as I was walking from my dorm to the Spa for a bagel breakfast.  The weather has been crazy weird, but not as crazy as it’s been in my hometown, where they got something like ten inches of snow last night.  Today it was up to 60 and sunny in the afternoon.

I went to anthropology class at 9am but after about fifteen minutes of waiting, we found out that my professor was out sick.  I used it as an excuse to read some of The Namesake, which I’m reading for my “India and the Western Imagination” class in the Diamond atrium.  I love it and I recommend it to anyone – I’m so glad I had to read it for class.  It’s one of very few books that have made me cry!

A welcome break from our usual 75-minute long discussions, we watched Pan’s Labyrinth in my Hispanic Literature class.  To be fair, it is the same time period (the Spanish Civil War) and in some ways related to La Casa de Bernarda Alba, which we read for this week.  I had a way more graphic picture (of the Pale Man, if you’ve seen the movie) but I didn’t want to make anyone squeamish…

I was moving on the elliptical watching Mr. Selfridge (also recommended) hence the weird angle.  The gym is a great facility, with a bunch of cardio machines along with many weight and strengthening equipment.  It overlooks the field house, which now has tennis courts set up in it, and had previously been used for the indoor track season in the winter.

I like eating at this time (around 1:45pm) because Bobs is virtually empty and I can take my time and make my special salad dressing (balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and yellow mustard) and read The New York Times on my phone (or the actual paper, which happened to be sitting on the table when I got there).

This week was course selections for the fall semester.  As I am tentatively planning on majoring in anthropology and minoring in cinema studies and art, I am taking two anthropology classes, cinema studies, and math (gotta do the requirement…) if I get into all these classes.  Otherwise, I’ll try to take an American art course or maybe start French or Italian.

I went to my art professor’s office hours to ask him about the writing assignment I will do to get a fourth credit in the class.  The construction on the Museum is done, and it is currently closed to the public as they put everything in order for the opening (July 13 – wish I could be here!)  I actually got to go in today to talk to one of the staff members about a summer internship I am applying for, and it looks amazing inside.  We’re very lucky to have such a resource on campus.

I sat on a bench on Miller lawn to make a phone call and this was my view of the library.  The flag is half-mast for the Boston bombings, and Miller is decorated with plentiful rainbow flags for Pride Week.

Wednesday was Space Day and people were launching bottle rockets.  Right after I took this picture, someone launched one and it went pretty high.

After our Freshman Class Dinner (I took a picture of two friends, but they refused to let me publish it) I retreated to my favorite study spot, the third floor of Miller.  The library is being reorganized and many books are now being stored on an off-campus facility (read more about that here so the shelves are empty, making the third floor pretty creepy.  By moving books off campus, I think the plan is to have more study spaces in the library.  All the books will still be accessible, you just have to request them and there’s a special library shuttle van that will bring them to campus.

I stayed in the library probably til 10:30pm and then snuggled up back in bed and watched some Mad Men, my latest TV addiction.  I hope this post has been a useful insight into what a student actually sees at Colby!  Happy weekend!




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