This is it.

The homestretch, if you will. And I will. Consider it a vacation, and you know what people always say about vacations – they really make you appreciate wherever you’re taking that vacation from. And I miss New York.

I need to eat something. I’ve been ordering take out at least twice a week for the last month and I don’t have a job that can support that kind of indulgent lifestyle. I make myself feel better by telling myself that it saves me time that I can better use working, but what usually happens is I and too anxious for it to come that I can’t do work until it arrives, and then I can’t do work while I’m eating either because I “deserve a break.” I need to finish my finals before my brain shuts down completely. I’m kind of burnt out.

Taking 5 classes isn’t really that strenuous until the end of the year. But considering it’s the end of the year I’m in the weeds a little bit. I just handed in an art portfolio that contained a semester’s amount of work, culminating in the painting of a still life that actually turned out pretty well. Turns out I’m a good color mixer of acrylic paints, so if you need a guy.

But that’s an elective. Given that I’m a humanities kid, I’ve got roughly 30 pages I am going to have to write in between now and next Monday. You’d think that I’d be used to it by now, being a rising senior, but no it’s still foreboding and deflating to think about in that quantity. So what I like to do is to break it down by days: tomorrow night I need to have 10 pages done for a class; by Friday I will have to do 10 more; Monday my parents come up and I hand in my last 2 papers.

The week is basically over, right?

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