Top 5 Colby “Moments” of 2011

As the year is ending, it’s perfunctory for most websites to do a “Best of 2011″ list. Best music in 2011, best political events in 2011, best YouTube videos, etc. It only seemed natural that I start listing my most cherished Colby memories of 2011. So without further ado, here they are:

5). Jan Plan: Ah, Jan Plan. The wonderful transition period between fall and spring semester. It’s a four week period of relaxation, winter storms, and classes. For last Jan Plan, I truly enjoyed my American Law class and the field trips. It almost made our short winter break worth it. Almost.

4). ‘Spa’ moments: Since Colby is a pretty isolated campus, The Spa is where you go if you don’t want to eat dining hall food or if you just want a little more. I really enjoyed going to The Spa whether I was laughing with a friend or doing homework by myself with a chai latte at my side.

3). Coffeehouse shows: While there weren’t any coffeehouse shows this semester, I truly enjoyed each and every single show in Spring. The atmosphere at the Coffeehouse is one of those things that’s almost too incredible to describe, the musicians were great, and it was lot of fun. I also enjoyed being a part of the Live Music Committee and helping set up with each show.

2). Learning: I’m not a studious or good student by any means. But I truly enjoyed the majority of my classes and while I’m convinced that 90% of what I’ve learned has leaked out of my brain, the 10% that I’ve retained has helped me take a step closer into becoming a functional adult. Now I understand more things when I read or watch the news, have more to contribute at discussions with my friends, and am more understanding of the events around me.

1). Friends: All the moments I’ve spent with friends at Colby are my favorite. The biggest thing that separates college from high school is that in college, you’re surrounded by people your age all the time. I feel blessed that the people I’m surrounded by are people that are awesome.

Here’s to a great 2012!

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