Typical, or not

Even though campus is currently drowning as a result of what feels like 2 straight days of rain, I’d like to show ya’ll something:

Ain't she a beaut

So that’s a picture of from my room. Through a screen. Pretty cool, huh? That’s why I wanted to live in a room on the pond side of East Quad. I can spare the 6 square feet that I would have gotten on the other side of the building, because it gets me that sunset or something like it, let’s say, 4 days a week (that’s a conservative estimate – this place is lousy with rave nail polish sunsets.)

What does 6 sq ft even translate to. It’s not like its enough space to bring in another bed and a series of bridge-like beddings to create one monarch-bed that’s big enough to break dance on, or that I’ve even considered it. I don’t need the space so why waste time dreaming.

This Saturday was pretty ridiculous. Now, to be fair, I didn’t get to see a lot of it because I wasn’t feeling well: early in the day I had – against sound council – been a part of a dumpling eating contest/relay, where the dumplings were deep fried and you had to eat 15 of them before the next member of your team could start eating and I may have throw up in my mouth on #5. So really I had a pretty nice lunch that I just had to eat really fast.

But before that, there was a petting zoo just out on the lawn. Which no doubt is bizarre, but the kids here go bananas for it, with all the bunnies and mini horses and a tortoise! And after that humiliating performance I soothed my quickly deteriorating stomach lining with free gelato. Salted caramel, people. You won’t regret it.

This weekend, capping off Pride Week, was the drag ball. The best parts of the drag ball are the performances that the different groups and clubs do. I have a friend in PCB who, leading up to his group dance which was to be performed in drag, felt like he had something to defend, saying he wasn’t crazy about it and tried to get our little posse not to go. Of course that was enough of an endorsement to make it imperative that we see this kid dance to Beyonce in drag, so we get there at around 10 pm, just when PCB is coming on. We’re standing there trying to figure out where he is, when we see, just left of center, a 5 o’clock shadowed kid in a violently purple wig doing a Machine Gun Kelly wild-boy dance. Kid was having a blast, and even after the show he took back all the regrets he had from before.

He didn’t really look like a drag queen, though. He kind of looked like Javier Bardem in No Country for Old Men, except his hair was the color of an acid trip. Actually, I guess that is pretty drag-ish.

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